Monday, November 7, 2011

Itch, Itch.

Scratch, Scratch. Boy, I am ITCHY! I have had a few issues with having itchy skin following treatment, but this time I actually have little rashes on my arms! After spending most of the afternoon at work scratching my arms, I called the research nurse at Sloan Kettering to report my side effects. The thing about the clinical trial that is sometimes annoying is that they want to know each & every change in your normal life. Sure enough, when I explained what the rash looks like and how I feel very feverish, she had The Wizard call in some topical cream. So far, it is working on my arms. I am still itchy, but I believe with the help of benadryl, I will be able to sleep. Although uncomfortable, this is exciting. With a clinical trial, side effects are good things.

I was browsing my "tagged" pictures on Facebook last night and came across pictures of something famous............

My Primary Melanoma

That little tiny mole on my left shoulder
is what turned my life upside down.
(I was singing in the first picture...great wedding!)

Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick hello! My first day back to work took a toll on me...It's almost bed time. I hope everyone had a peaceful Monday!

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