Sunday, November 6, 2011

Up in the Air

"Up in the air, I looked out the window at the clouds 
and I remember thinking,
Thank you, God. 
Thank you for taking me through that storm of craziness
and having me come out the other side as a
whole, happy girl without too much damage."
~Kris Jenner.
Please do not judge me for reading Kris Jenner's new book. I am almost embarrassed to tell people that I am reading it, but she got my attention during one of her interviews. She started discussing the OJ Simpson drama and, well, it got me hooked. (She is good at what she does--gaining attention--there is no doubt about it.) I vividly remember watching the news when Nicole was murdered, I remember the Bronco, and I remember the disbelief when the jury found OJ not guilty of the murders. Sooooo, I had to read it. Don't judge me.

Little did I know that Kris Jenner would write something that struck home for me. While in the air yesterday, I read the above quote. Great timing, right? That perfectly describes how I am feeling. The last 10 months of my life have been ridiculously crazy; however, I am happier thanI have ever been. I know now what is important in life. Don't get me wrong, I fully realize that my lifetime of melanoma will continue to be stressful, sad, and frustrating, but I feel blessed that I went through my own version of hell and came out on top. My heart is bruised. I am not always cheerful, sometimes I am very bitter, and I still wonder why God picked me to face this battle at only 23 years old, but I know that it is all for a reason. I am a full time resident of Hotel Melanoma, and until they scatter my ashes in the ocean, I always will be. 

I will be the resident with a battered body, a scarred heart, and a smile on her face. 


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