Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Try, Try, and Try Again.

I am a believer in modern medicine, there is no hiding that. Although I admire the people who choose to heal themselves through ways besides medicine, I am not one to try it without the assistance of modern medicine. I feel like the risk is too high. That is just my personal belief. When I learned that I have stage III melanoma, I wanted drugs, preferably the kind to cure this black beast. As you all well know, there is no cure for melanoma. 

What would I do to keep myself healthy? Anything. Really, I would do just about anything. I know many of my molemates would agree; if there is a way to keep us on this planet, we will give it our best shot. Does that mean we would try Sildenafil? Yes, it is also known as Viagra, the drug that gained its fame with its ability to help men in the bedroom.

One day, we might. Today, melanoma is in the headlines again. (Woo hoo!) According to the article, " it is very well possible that sildenafil can also inhibit the immunosuppressive effects of inflammation and thus improve anti-tumour immunity in people with melanoma."

I posted the link to this news article on my Facebook feed. Immediately we--mostly melanoma warriors-- all started making jokes. My favorite comment was: "I'm all for this but someone better warn my wife."  Something tells me that if the drug helps keep this guy alive, his wife will accept his.......!

Whatever it takes, right? 

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Lucy said...

I'm glad your going with proven medical proceedures. Others are just people looking for the fountain of health.