Monday, January 23, 2012

Either my stomach is so not a fan of this latest treatment or I have caught a nasty flu bug, but my tummy hurts and is rejecting everything I put into it. Fun, right? OK, enough complaining. It is so worth it.

I don't feel like writing, I am going to go back under my covers in just a few minutes, but I thought I would share a few blogs with you that I admire. is written by my buddy Al. He lost his brother to melanoma. Al posts great articles, especially regarding the latest treatments, etc. is written by my sweet friend Becca. Her blog post "Conflicted" continues to run through my head even almost a month after she posted it. is written by the mother of a melanoma warrior. I find their journey to be very inspiring. Sometimes I think cancer is harder for those around than for the patients themselves. is written by Rev. Carol Taylor. I know many of us find comfort in her words.

and don't forget about Rich has caused me to look like a mental patient, laughing my head off, in the middle of a busy waiting room at my cancer center. I love his way of handling melanoma.

OK, I need to do a quick degerming session (the kiddo is sick too) and then I am going back to my bed. I figure 48 hours in this apartment will have to make me feel better. I have to go back to work tomorrow!


Carol Taylor said...

I hope you feel better. Thanks for including me in your list. Prayers and blessings!


Tim said...

Sorry you're not feeling well Chelsea, but thrilled to hear about your scan results.

Get better soon because the time between scans is just too darn short to spend even a day of it under the weather.


Becca said...

You are my sweet friend as well, and I'm honored that my post resonated with you. Thank you!

Christina said...

Hi there, I follow your blog and I applaud you for sharing your thoughts in a honest and courageous way. Can I ask, what treatment are you doing right now? And are you still Stage 3, in remission?

I think we are very much alike in our attitude and determination to move forward and change the perception of melanoma. I am a Stage 4 melanoma survivor and my mission now is to just that, as well as support other melanoma warriors in their fight.

Keep it up, whatever you're doing! ;)