Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oops, I Offended You?

I have an occasional issue of saying things that tick people off. 
Sometimes I do it by accident,
sometimes--I feel-- they asked for it.

It happened again today.

Let's introduce today's victim.
She is a brunette who wants to color her hair.
While discussing this,
I happened to notice her fake and bake tan,
so clearly, I had to say something.

Me: "I'm sure it will look lovely. You spray tan, right?!"
Victim: "No, I go in the tanning beds actually."
Me: "Boo. How unfortunate."

Then she made the mistake...
she asked why.

So, I told her.
And there was silence...

I know, I know.
It's none of my business what this stranger does to her skin
--or how old I think it makes her look--
and I promise,
I would have left it alone had she not asked that question,

But she asked.

And you know I'm going to tell.

Protect the skin you're in!

^Besides the health issue,
who really thinks this is a good look?

I'll try to behave...


Brie said...

hahaha that is great! i can just picture the look on her face. I'm that way when people inform me that they smoke and I just say O...well good luck and they ask me why. I think people should just stop asking why, it's safer :)

Kisma said...

Sometimes ya just gotta tell 'em like it is.

Good for you!

Martha Hokenson said...

Please don't behave! It's important to get the word out!!

Unknown said...

Love it, I love honesty! just started following you I'm kinda excited to see what comes next!