Monday, April 4, 2011

3 Month Check-Up

So, the last time I saw Dr. Cool Guy was when he informed me I have melanoma. I had one itsy bitsy scar on my back from where he had removed the mole that changed my life. 3 months later, I am about to head off to see him again. I am sure he will be shocked to see the 9 new "beauty marks" I have added to the little tiny one he made.

My sister had an appointment with Dr. Cool Guy a few months ago and he expressed his own personal guilt about my situation. Cara said he looked like he could cry as he asked about me. He told her that he somehow feels like this was his fault. Maybe he meant that he did not prepare me for the shock we all had when the pathology report came back? I'm not sure. I do not blame him. He removed the mole that was suspicious, he did his job. None of us knew how that appointment would change my life. As Mr. Spots told me, no doctor, no matter how many times they have to do it, can ever enjoy giving a person such life altering news. comes with the territory.

I have to admit I am a tad bit nervous about this appointment. I assume this is how people feel before their 3 (or 6) month scans... Last time I saw him, he gave me the worst news  of my life. Now I feel like he will be knife happy...eager to take any thing off that looks the slightest bit suspicious. Although I agree with him, if it looks funky, remove it, I have just about had enough of knives, doctors, and new scars. 

At least he will be able to look at my fabulous rash and maybe stop it from spreading further down my body.....

Oh, the joys of "just" skin cancer, right?

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