Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing day surrounded by those you love. If your weather was as beautiful there as it was here, I sure hope you wore your sunscreen! (And please tell me you covered your babies with sunscreen while they went out on their egg hunt...don't forget about the kids!) 

It was a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore of VA so I lathered up in SPF 50, grabbed my book, and went out by the pool for a bit. Although almost completely covered, I have to admit I was still a bit nervous being out in the sunshine. I stayed out for about 20 minutes then gave into my fear and sat back in the shade. It felt good to get a few minutes of fresh air!

We had a very quiet family dinner today. All of the family is spread out, boyfriend is with his family in Roanoke, so it was very laid back. Mom did not slack on the food though...yum, yum, yum!

None of us complained about the quiet day. My older sister, my gran, my mom, and I all have nasty colds. There is a whole lot of coughing going on in this household! Stay away from us, protect yourself from our germs! ;-)

I received an awesome suggestion from one of my blog readers. She read my post about lympedema and suggested propping my arm up and using a squeeze ball! What is so random about that is that I had recently told my Step Dad I felt like I needed a squeeze ball because of the throbbing pain in my left hand. Who knew it would actually help?! Looks like I will be on a mission to find the ball tomorrow...Although I rested all day yesterday, the swelling was pretty intense on my left ribcage today. Lots of fluid, I suppose.

I am going to go drug myself on cold medicine and rest. I hope you all had a special day.


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