Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pass the Tissues, please.

Yes, this is basically what I look like right now...except I think my face is more swollen. Holy Moley! As the saying goes, I am full of cold! I am not the only one though. It seems like all of us are sick...Mom, my older sister, the boyfriend. Protect yourselves--stay away!

Yesterday I did the most independent thing I have done since my first surgery in January: I made the 6 hour drive from the Eastern Shore of VA to Roanoke! Although my Dad & Pop strongly advised me not to, Mom knew it was what I wanted. Everyone was worried I would become too exhausted or the pain in my arms would be too much. Although it was not pleasant, it was not the most horrible thing either. My left arm is not even swollen today! Progress! I have to admit, it felt pretty awesome being in the driver's seat again.

So, yeah. I am back in Roanoke for 6 days. I wanted to spend some time with Mr. Spots (the boyfriend, for those of you who haven't read the older posts!) organize my mail, get some clothes, etc. Once I arrived, I realized how sick Mr. Spots is also. Needless to say, last night consisted of us watching a movie on the couch with a box of tissues between us. Thank God for cold medicine! We were both able to sleep last night. It was not nearly as romantic as I would have liked for the night to be, but, if I am going to be stuck in the house with a cold, I am glad to be stuck next to him.

My insurance company, "And.Them." is being ridiculous again....If they would all get on the same page, they could save themselves a lot of time and money. They approved my latest surgery, but denied the pathology part of it for a "pre-existing" condition. The also have denied my latest visit with the dermatologist for a "pre-existing condition." Seriously, if I am going to have to call them and casually remind them that I got diagnosed with melanoma in January of  THIS year, that is unacceptable to me. They already have my medical records. I am not sure why they don't access them. How do they run a successful company? Fighting with them is becoming a full time job!

Since I just had yet another sneeze fit, I am going to cut this post short.

Oh--one last thing--the emails I have received from you all  mean so much to me. We have to stick together! I learn more from you all than I do from any medical article I find. Knowledge is power, and we need as much power as we can get. XO

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