Monday, May 2, 2011

The Life Of A Melanoma Lady...

is a very busy one. It is time to begin living out of a suitcase for the next four months. Here is my updated schedule:

Tomorrow I will make the 6 hour drive to rejoin my family on the Eastern Shore of VA.

Thursday, 5/5/2011, Mom & I will head back to NYC for updated scans. I have learned that "Scanxiety" is a real thing. My "C" buddies have often discussed how nervous they get prior to CT scans. I have never had enough time to get truly nervous. The doctors have been in the habit of seeing me for my appointment, and then sending me upstairs for the scans. It isn't exactly enough time to get worried! I have gotten a little comfortable with the idea of showing "No Evidence of Disease." How will I handle the news if the scans show something suspicious? I know, I know. I should have positive thoughts. But let's face it, it is to be expected that I would be nervous. The recurrence rate of melanoma is extremely high...I am definitely the type of person who prepares for the worst, but hopes for the best.

So, on Friday morning I have to be at MSK at 7:40 AM to drink my yummy cocktail for the CT scan. Isn't it a bit early for cocktails, doc? Goodness. Directly following that scan, I am off for the MRI of my brain. At 11:00 am I meet with The Wizard's nurse to hear the results of these scans and to prepare for my first treatment on May 20th.

Friday evening we will return to the ESVA where we will meet Mr. Spots, my baby sister & her boyfriend. They are all coming in for the annual Seafood Festival. Seafood, good friends, and beer....Who can complain?

Sunday afternoon Mr. Spots, Mom & I are heading back to NYC. The Wizard ordered a "special" CT scan of my neck. I just recently found out. I am a bit nervous why we are doing this scan...I am unsure why he believes I need it, but I am thinking it is just a post-op scan. I have to give Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center credit---they are thorough. This is what we pay big bucks for, that's for sure. I never feel neglected, thank God. If you can't put your trust in your doctors, why go to them? I am very lucky.

Tuesday I will return to Roanoke because Mr. Spots graduates on Friday! It is a big day for him and there is no place I would rather be. He has supported me all year, it is finally my time to support him. Now let's hope he finds his dream job!

After celebrating Mr. Spots, I will return to NYC for my first treatment on May 20th. One of my Melanoma Warriors emailed me saying, " Don't take it wrong but I hope you get swarmed with side effects. No too bad though of course." Why would someone wish I get slammed with side effects? It means I am actually receiving the drug! Either way, I will be at peace with my decision for enrolling in the ipi trial.

OK. It is way past my bedtime...Mr. Spots and I went to see Water For Elephants tonight. It was almost as good as the book! Read the book then go see it.

Night, friends. Say a special thought for a fellow melanoma warrior in Florida. He gets his scan results tomorrow. He is stage III C and has a beautiful family he needs to watch grow old.


Anonymous said...

Some people post the stupidest comments. You have to look past them. They are people who comment on everything around the internet and have nothing else to do. Unfortunately they are out there. I wish you good luck and I wish I was in New York not Las Vegas. Fingers Crossed for you.

Chelsea said...

You are right, Randi. I should not take it to heart. It is hard not to feel protective over my is the ONE spot I can say whatever I want. If I didn't share the good, the bad, and the ugly of this cancer, how honest would I be?

Las Vegas, huh? I had a blast there 2 years ago...I am hoping for a celebratory trip out there soon!

Rich McDonald said...

Yikes, you really do have a busy month ahead of you. Best wishes for clean scans and Ipi with no side effects.