Monday, July 4, 2011

7 Year Old Stage III Warrior

When I first got diagnosed with Stage III melanoma in January I felt cheated & angry. I felt like my biggest worry should have been the numbers on the scale, finding the perfect job, and simply enjoying my 20's. I have always heard that your 20's are supposed to be the "best years of your life." Instead, my life crashed. Then yesterday I heard a story that made me feel so sad & selfish.

Meet little Serena. She is a 7 year old stage III melanoma. So far in her 7 years she has been through 8 surgeries and months of interferon. Those who are familiar with the melanoma world know how rough interferon is even on the strongest of adults. Imagine a precious 7 year old going to the chemo suite 5 days a week for a month, undergoing 8 surgeries, all while her friends are out on the playground.

But, You know what I believe? Kids are tough. Kids have unusual strength & ability to get through things that crush the strongest adults. Still, little Serena needs all the support she can receive.

I am asking you to visit Serena's page to show your support: or her other website:

This family, and especially this beautiful little Serena, need your prayers, your positive juju, and your encouragement. Serena's mother needs your advice, your support, she needs her own set of cheerleaders. She needs to hear that they can get through this latest battle. does not just attack adults. It can take away your babies. Protect them.


Kate said...

Thanks for letting us know about little Serena. I did visit her site and sign her guestbook and I was so surprised to learn that even children can get melanoma!!! What a brave little warrior. I look forward to following her journey and sending support her way.

Rich McDonald said...

Great post. Serena's story makes me just a little bit ashamed for sometimes feeling a bit sorry for myself.

jandehenderson said...

Yes, Kate, children get melanoma as well. My son was diagnosed last year when he was 14. There are varying opinions on what stage he is, ranging from stage 3 to 4. He has recently completed six months of treatment, with six more to go. He is such a strong and brave boy. This has rocked our family's world.