Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pony Land

One observation regarding the majority of the people who attended the pony swim on Chincoteague Island yesterday: They got burnt. I am not talking about a little pink after a long day in the sun. I am talking about the painful-hot-red-must-have-aloe-now kind of burnt. I wonder if they realize that it just takes one little burn...............


I picked up my niece yesterday from her Nana's. When I brought her back to our house, she asked, "Is it just the big kids going to see the ponies or are you going too, Grand Mommy?" Mom said, "No, it is just you and Aunt Chelly going." Lily got a huge smile on her face and hugged me. All night long, she kept telling people, "it's just the two of us!" It made me very thankful that I made the decision to do something special with just her. We needed some bonding time.

Girlfriend needs some sunglasses!

"Go, horsey, GOOOOO!"

It was a beautiful night on Chincoteague.

She was not interested in the ponies until after we rode the rides!
She said, "Aunt Chels, We saw them when we drove in.
Let's go ride some RIDES!"

She is such a beautiful little kiddo. We are very blessed. 

I have a crazy hectic day, but prepare yourself for the blog post titled "Pain in My Ass...Literally." I think my nerve damage is increasing....

Off to a surprise birthday party for this gorgeous 70 something Granny I know! Shush. Don't tell her! 

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