Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yet Another Blog

I had forgotten how much I truly love to write until this blog really started. I love it! Even if people do not read my posts, I get so much relief and clarity when I sit down to post the thoughts running through my head. Yesterday I wrote that it is time to get back to my life. I mean that. I need to let melanoma sit on the back burner for a while. Don't get me wrong. I still plan to write probably every day; however, I have decided I want to write about other things as well.

...Which is why I am starting a new blog: http://nogoodreasonwhynot.blogspot.com. Instead of focusing simply on melanoma, I will write about whatever strikes my fancy. Maybe I will see an article in The New York Times that I have to discuss. Maybe Lindsey Lohan will--yet again--do something to make headlines. More than likely, I will read an amazing book that I must share with someone.

Like I said, I will not give up on this blog. It is my baby. It has absolutely been the best therapy I could have wished for. It also reminded me just how much I love to write.

I hope you will follow the new blog right along with this one. I can't promise it will be as informative, but I guarantee it will be interesting---at least from time to time.

Happy Tuesday, folks. (Seriously, doesn't it seem like it should be Friday already? What a long week!)

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Rich McDonald said...

Good for you! You're a fine writer, so why let melanoma confine your topics? Blog on.