Sunday, March 20, 2011

"And.Them" and Good News...

in the same sentence? Shocking.

I was going through my mail today when I came across my Explanation of Benefits that had piled up since I have been at my Mom's.

They have FINALLY started paying for some of my claims!

Oddly enough the only claims they are denying right now are the original office visits at the dermatologist, the original removal of the mole, and the actual surgery...All of those are still being denied for a pre-existing condition.

Yes, I  don't understand it either.

However...they saved me about $60,000 so I am thankful they are finally doing what we pay them to do!


(Man, I really hope I do not regret posting something positive about them....)


Tina Sullivan said...

Fantastic news!!!

Chelsea said...

I was so excited! After getting so upset I cried after the last fight with Anthem, I was like a kid at Christmas!!! :-)