Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

I thought I had made up my mind about the surgery--I had decided I would feel better if I braved the pain in order to get some questions answered. I felt the most confident about this whole cancer thing yesterday than I have since the very beginning of January. I felt like I was finally going to be able to do something to give me a sense of control and relief.

Today I called Dr. Bad Mustache because he had asked me to follow up with him following my appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering. He returned my call about 30 minutes after I left a message. I told him about both of my appointments and asked him for his opinion...

He flat out said, "I completely disagree with the surgeon."

...That was not what I was wanting to hear.

Dr. Bad Mustache said there is no known data that proves that removing the rest of the lymph nodes NOW benefits me in any way. He said he is following numerous patients who waited to have the rest of their lymph nodes removed when "there was reason to have them removed."

He explained that he understands where Dr. Glenda the Good Witch is coming from, that from a surgeons perspective they need to do everything in their power to cover their butts in case the cancer does spread.

He also said he understands that as a patient the surgery might be good for me.

Why can't someone give me a clear answer?!?!!!!!!!!!

I have faith in Dr. Bad Mustache but here is this wonderful surgeon in a world class cancer center who says she would have the surgery if the situation was reversed.

Why, when I get comfortable with a decision, do the doctors differ in opinions?

It is very, very, very frustrating to me.

I spoke to The Wizard this morning.  He is supportive of the surgery, said he is very relieved he had me meet with Dr. Glenda. However, he is sending me for an MRI. The CT scan showed a small "spot" on my liver...I knew this yesterday but Dr. Glenda felt comfortable it was nothing to worry about. The Wizard said we need an MRI to basically make sure that is true. He said he is not concerned, but that we need to track each and every thing right now.

I feel comfortable with that...I would rather know than not know. Obviously.

So, that's how my day is going....frustrating! Although I did get to spend some time with my gorgeous Grandma--that can cheer me up on even the worst days.

If anyone has some suggestions on how to relax and naturally lower my blood pressure, let me know. These killer headaches are horrible...Stupid stress! ;-)

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Unknown said...

Chelsea, I know you want to treat stuff naturally. One thing I took when I was pregnant, because I am really holistic and natural as well is magnesium. Your body needs it anyways and it has components that will relax you and lower blood pressure naturally (they use this in pre-ecclampsic pregnant women to lower blood pressure) it is something your body needs anyways and is a mineral. You can pick it up in any gnc store or in vitamin section in pharmacy. My mom is very natural as well and suffers headaches and stress and she actually has a cream that she will rub onto her arms and it helps decrease the stress and help headaches/high blood pressure. Hope that helps. Praying for you without ceasing girl! You are strong! Remember that :)