Friday, March 25, 2011

Melanoma's New Face

Dear Melanoma,

When you entered Chelsea's body, I bet you didn't think that you were in for the fight of YOUR life. I bet that you wish that you hadn't messed with THIS girl now, huh?

Just look at this Warrior. Not even 24 hours post surgery, here she is, showing you and the world that YOU are not going to beat HER.
Well, Melanoma, looks like the joke's on you....

Even though the first half of this post is meant to be light hearted and humorous, let's not forget the gravity of this situation. Please note that in this picture, Chelsea is raising her left arm, which is huge news because the surgeons were able to preserve the nerves that allow her to raise her arms. She may not recover full feeling in the right side of her neck, but she will be able to lift her arm above her head in a few weeks, which is great news because there was a chance pre-surgery that this would not happen.
As we all surround Chelsea with our positive thoughts, prayers, and love, let's remember what's at the center of this situation. Chelsea has Stage III Melanoma. This is serious! If you want to find a tangible way to help her, here is the solution.
Another one of Chelsea's amazing best friends, Rayna, designed a Melanoma Awareness T-shirt for two reasons. First of all, Chelsea's goal (after beating this monster) is to educate people about the dangers of Melanoma. (REMEMBER - it is not "just" skin cancer!!!!) Secondly, having cancer is expensive. If you've been following this blog, you know about Chelsea's battles with "And.Them." While she is not a person to ask for help, if you are able to purchase one of these T-Shirts, here is more information about how to order one:
I can't say it enough - thank you to EVERYONE who is backing this amazing Melanoma Warrior.


Tina Sullivan said...

Glad to see a smile on your face!

Dr. Jennifer Feeny said...

Chelsea- You Rock the hosital gown ;) I am glad to see you smiling. Hang in there champ!!!

Dr. Jennifer Feeny said...

Erika- it may just be my computer...but, I can't follow the link to buy a T-shirt. Is anyone else having problems with it?

Miss Gentry said...

I don't think it's your computer. I'm having problems with the link, too. Can you copy and paste it to your URL and follow it from there?