Saturday, April 2, 2011


I thought I would take a break from all the boyfriend QT to post an update on my healing process.

All in all, I am doing much better than the last surgery. I know that this surgery was more intense; however, last time I was cut in 5 locations rather than 2. Last time I had to have a little butt push to get off the couch. This time I am moving around a little easier. I definitely notice an overall lack of strength. By the time I take a shower, I need a 2 hour nap. Showering is probably the most painful thing I have done so far. Washing my hair is pretty much a nightmare since I have trouble lifting my left arm that high. And having someone wash it for me? Well, that would be lovely...except for the fact that I am super sensitive on the right side of my head and face. My ear is very painful! Because of the nerves that were cut, there was quite a bit of damage. Some of the numbness and pain will go away with time. I sure hope the pain in my ear vanishes...soon...I am an earring whore! I will never feel pretty again if I can't wear earrings! ;-)

The rash is finally starting to heal. It is still bothering me but nothing like it was. And my little bullet holes, as I like to call them, are healing. Hopefully with the help of this Fluocinonide cream I will get rid of the rash soon. I am praying it does not leave a scar...You can still see where I had the rash around my arms following the last surgery.

So, what's next? Minus resting! I have an appointment in New York to see The Wizard, my oncologist, on April 22nd. He wanted to give me a few weeks before we start anything else. The appointment is to discuss the clinical trials that I am eligible for. If I decide to do the ipi trial (Which I will) it is possible I can receive the treatment in Charlotte, NC. I see the pros and cons of trading locations. At Sloan Kettering, I am already familiar with the area and the doctors. I like the center and the doctors. However, it is VERY expensive. For the week I was in New York, it was over $2,000 just for the hotel room. I have to do some research and talk things through with my Mom...She is the one who has been next to my side almost 24/7. The decision is honestly up to her. 

Well, I am pooped. I know that with time and rest my energy will return. I have to keep reminding myself it has only been a little over a week since my is OK to be lazy. 

When else will there be a time when it is acceptable to be lazy?!

Happy Saturday, folks. Do something fun!

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Tina Sullivan said...

Glad to hear you are doing better and keep taking those naps!

Did you ask if the clinical trial runners would pay for travel expenses? The trial I am on are paying for some folks to come to Phx to receive the treatment. Just a thought!