Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"I Don't See Anything Exciting..."

Well, I left the dermatologist with no new incisions yesterday! Dr. Cool Guy examined me, kept repeating, "you poor thing" and basically made me feel like my body looks as bad as it feels.

Have I mentioned I want to replace him?

I know he means no harm, but maybe I do hold a grudge against him....I found yesterday that I have little faith in him. I mean, he examines my rash--which is continuing to spread--and says it looks like it is getting better. If it is healing then how come my right side is now being affected by this very icky itchy rash?


At least I left there with only 12 scars. I have no desire to add any to the collection right now!

In happier news, I was introduced to a very nice young woman yesterday who has stage II melanoma. She has had trouble dealing with her scar since her surgery in January. She says our conversation helped her...I hope that is true!

I have spent today resting...I believe the exhaustion has finally hit me. Back to reading & resting!



goodydogs said...

I've spent many days reading and resting - our bodies just cry out for the solitude sometimes. Always listen to what your body tells you - it really wants to heal!!! Exhaustion is the enemy and we so often feel we have to live up to so many expectations. Not today - read and rest. Tomorrow is a new day!!

Chelsea said...

@goodydogs, I have a bad habit of ignoring my body. I am so used to being busy 24/7 that I still think I can behave like that. Now that I know what it feels like when my body rejects my busy life style, I will be paying closer attention! Sometimes I just have to say no!

You are right...tomorrow is a new day.