Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exhaustion Strikes Again

I really need to learn how to relax. I keep my schedule so busy and consistent that I wear myself out constantly. I complain about my exhaustion, but I do little to lighten my schedule. One day I will learn.

Just like after round 1 of Ipi/Placebo trial, I am starting to feel worse as I prepare for session 3. My bones ache like I have the flu, I require naps, and my stomach has minor mood swings. I keep staring at my eyebrows, trying to see any white hairs, but I guess the wax lady pluked them all. I would hate to look like the old man from the KFC commercials. (I think he's from KFC...???)

Now that I have complained enough, I guess I should go back to my day. Nothing new or exciting to report. *Or maybe I'm just too tired to write.... ;-)

I hope everyone is having a good week.

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