Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I swear, without Facebook, I would miss so many great articles regarding melanoma, sunscreen, and really any other piece of gossip I need to survive a boring day...

A great guy who lost his brother to melanoma has a blog that gives out great information regarding the latest news in the melanoma community. ( Last night he posted an article on his Facebook page regarding sunscreen. With the updated sunscreen regulations, it is easy to find yourself confused. This article in the NY Times answers all of your questions. Explaining Sunscreen

Did you know?

*"There are two kinds of solar rays: short ones called UVB that cause burning and skin cancer and long ones called UVA that cause skin cancer and wrinkling.

*"An adult in a bathing suit should apply about three tablespoons of lotion every two hours, experts say."

*"Second, above an SPF of 30, which can block 97 percent of UVB (if used in testing amounts), effectiveness increases by only 1 or 2 percent."

*"UVA, which represents more than 95 percent of solar radiation reaching the earth, does not figure in SPF ratings.

*"Products labeled “broad spectrum” will have to provide equal protection against UVB and UVA, and only products with an SPF of 15 or higher will be allowed to claim protection against skin cancer and premature skin aging."

*"The rise in melanoma has led to fears that sunscreens may actually cause this deadly cancer. But other explanations are more likely. By allowing people to stay in the sun longer, sunscreens have greatly increased exposure to UVA radiation. And many, if not most, victims of melanoma were damaged long before sunscreens became popular."

*"Clouds do not block damaging rays."

*"Keep in mind that ultraviolet radiation is reflected off sand and water, intensifying exposure even if you are protected by an umbrella from above."

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