Wednesday, June 8, 2011

QT With Fellow Warrior!

The best part about this New York trip?

Hanging out with a great fellow melanoma warrior! Say a prayer for her, please. She gets scan results on Friday.

Best Momma Ever!

Tomorrow morning at 11:00 I have the needle biopsy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Main Hospital to determine if the "suspicious" area in the left side of my neck is 1) nothing too scary 2) a tumor (AKA--REALLY freaking scary) or 3) a group of lymph nodes (Could be scary...)  My baby sister told me to pretend that I am a total bad ass, going to get a neck tattoo. What should my pretend tattoo be of? How about, "This is what melanoma looks like!"  Suggestions welcome...

Friday morning I will head to Sloan Kettering for a doctor's appointment, and treatment will follow that appointment. Note to self: Eat a good breakfast. They WILL remove 16 tubes of blood!  Friday will be an extremely long day since Mom and I are making the drive home following treatment. My fabulous Mom rocks! She never complains about having to drive to NYC constantly...I think she would do it daily if it meant getting the best treatment available. My whole family would. Best support system EVER! I am very blessed. 

OK...I need some sleep. Or at least to pretend to get some sleep because, really, who sleeps before possible life changing appointments? Not this girl. 


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Ranisa said...

Good luck! AND SLEEP....just do it. I am so glad that I can sleep...I think I fall into a bit of a depression and automatically just sleep easy.