Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today I had the pleasure of meeting two women who contacted me after they found my blog online.We had been chatting online for the past month, but since we only live about 40 minutes from each other, we met in Berlin, MD today for lunch. If you ever find yourself in Ocean City, MD, swing through Berlin. The town is adorable. (Runaway Bride was filmed there.)

This is the only picture I took...
Sitting on the porch,
waiting for the girls.

I have mentioned many of times how much the people I have met because of melanoma have come to mean to me, and it's true. I think after college it becomes hard to make new friendships. Between work, relationships, etc, it becomes difficult to find new girlfriends. I know people talk trash about girls--how they can't be trusted, they are just gossips, etc, etc, etc-- but I adore my ladies & I always welcome the idea of making new girlfriends. There is something special about friendships between women. Although I had to meet these new friends because of melanoma, at least our paths crossed.

There was mention of a sun safety clothing line & sun safety workshops...Be on the look out for us. ;-)

Speaking of awesome girlfriends I figured I'd post a picture of my oldest & dearest friend from a wedding we attended this weekend:

Life would be a lonely place without awesome friends.

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