Friday, March 4, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers.

I continue to be amazed by the kindness of strangers.

Yesterday, while spending a much needed day with my Grand mom, she told me the story about how one of my dad's very special friends, and someone who has always treated me like family,  requested a special prayer for a very odd place. I am going to tell you the story, hopefully it will compare to how Grand mom told me yesterday.

Location of story: In a small town seafood market.

People involved: the woman mentioned above--we will call her Ms. Fletch, and a variety of customers, including a minister.

(Ms. Fletch has been actively checking in with my family to get the latest updates and to provide support. I highly doubt she realizes how much all she does means to us. Another thing she has done is to get me on every single church prayer list she can find.)

That is where the minister comes into play.

It is a Saturday afternoon, store filled with people, when the owner, Ms. Fletch asks a risky question to one of her customers...

"Do you pray for white people?" Asks Ms. Fletch.

The (probably very shocked, possibly offended) minister responds, "God does not see color."

Relieved, Ms. Fletch begins her prayer request...She tells him my story, she requests he mention me the next morning during his service.

The minister requests my name.


"There is no time like the present." He drops down on his knees, along with the other customers, and begins to pray.

Ms. Fletch told my Grand mom there was not a dry eye in the store.

Now.........none of those people know me (minus Ms. Fletch...and who knows...I am from a small town. It is possible they know me) but they took the time to not only mention me in their prayers, but to emotionally respond to the entire situation.

How kind.

There is no other way to describe it...

The minister could have easily been offended by Ms. Fletch asking if he prayed for white people. I mean, really...many people would have immediately hauled off and insulted Ms. Fletch for her "racist question" but instead of jumping to conclusions, the minister patiently waited for an explanation. Maybe he knows Ms. Fletch is one of the nicest ladies, and as Ms. Fletch explained to Grand Mom, she really asked the question for a reason...She did not know the answer.

Again, the kindness of strangers amazes me...

*Ms. Fletch, you are a brave woman! Instead of worrying about offending your customers, you did what you are determined to do: to provide me with as much support and prayers as possible. Thank you. You are a special woman to all of us.

**In the back of my mind I keep imagining walking into the seafood store to buy my shrimp and seeing a great mix of people, kneeling, and crying over this kind ministers request to God to heal a stranger...I have a feeling I might have walked back out the screen door! ;-)


Anonymous said...

That one brought tears to my eyes, too! Goodness gracious. Ms. Fletch sounds like a real character with a HUGE heart!

Chelsea said...


Today a friend of a friend walked up to my dad at Shore Stop, asked about me, and gave him a silver coin...he asked Dad to pass it along to me because it is has brought him nothing but good luck. I wish I knew who the man is so I could thank him, but Pop made a good point, maybe he doesn't want to be thanked if he did not make it known who he is.

mylittlemini said...

Dear Chelsea whom I know only from your blog, I was deeply moved by your writing today. I am a retired female United Methodist minister, lost my only sibling (brother) to melanoma, and in the troops of my dear friend's daughter fighting Stage IV (with baby son at home). I inadvertantly found your blog searching for hers. You are an amazing, witty, courageous, honest, sometimes delightfully cynical young woman who deserves to win this battle! I pray that you don't object that I read your blog daily. Persons around the world are praying for "Chelsea with melanoma" (no more information for your privacy) through the Upper Room worldwide prayer chain. I too pray for you daily. You are a special young woman! (Rev Nancy)

Chelsea said...

Rev Nancy, I love that you have been following me! I hope that you stay tuned... Your prayers and comment both mean a lot to me. (I still chuckle when I read "delightfully cynical!) I will pray for your friend with Stage IV. She deserves to beat this nasty disease and be around to watch her baby boy grow.

Please keep in touch.