Friday, March 25, 2011

This Girl is an ALL STAR!

This afternoon, I got a text message from Chelsea. As I opened the message, I see that it is actually a picture message. When the picture opens, I see Chelsea standing up, in all of her JP drain glory, waving at the camera.

Looking at this picture, I actually want to giggle.

If you are Facebook friends with Chelsea, you have more than likely seen this picture. If not, I will allow her to decide if she wants to upload it here.

The caption under the picture? "I know, I know. I'm gorgeous. Please be jealous of my drains."

It's this positive attitude that is going to bring her through recovery.

In other good news, Dr. Glenda and the other surgeon (I believe Chelsea is calling him Dr. Adorable) both noted that they saw nothing suspicious during surgery yesterday. The pathologists will need to confirm that there is no more cancer in her body, but I can't help but have a good feeling!

Right now, Chelsea thinks that she may be released from the hospital on Sunday and will have to remain in New York for a few more days before returning to Virginia.

It seems that all of the prayers, good thoughts and ju ju are working! I hope that these brief updates are enough - Chelsea will be able to tell you all more once she is back in business.

Now, all I can say is this:

1) Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has stood behind her during this journey. I know that your love and support is a major comfort to her.

2) If I ever have the bad misfortune of having cancer, I hope that I can "keep on keeping on" with an attitude like Chelsea's. She truly is an inspiration to us all!

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