Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, the irony.

There we are, at a stop light, heading towards Lincoln Tunnel, when a homeless man walks up to the window.

He does the normal begging, "just give me a quarter, man."

We continue to ignore him.

He continues to beg.

Then he, in my opinion, does something stupid...

He becomes means.

He takes one last look at us, points his dirty finger,

and says,

"I hope you die of cancer."

Needless to say, my Step-father was about to jump out of the car and teach him a lesson or two. Fortunately, Mom and I realized at the same time you simply cannot argue with stupid. (Had he approached me on Friday when my emotional well being was....well...not healthy, I feel certain I would have tried to hit him. A lot. Natural reaction?)

When I first heard the cruel comment the homeless man yelled I thought he said, "I hope you get cancer." My first thought, besides "NO Wilber!" (My fond nickname for step-dad) was, "Dude. Couldn't you be more creative? I already have cancer. I have you beat! Next insult!"

I know he was saying the first angry thought that popped in his not-so-healthy head, but how ironic, huh? An insult about cancer? Good timing, Mr. Dirty Homeless Man! You should try to be a fortune teller!

Except...I won't be going anywhere ANY time soon. Ha!

(And I still find your insult ironic and amusing.)

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