Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Quick Hello From Sunny Florida!

Mr. Spots and I had a great traveling day yesterday! The flights were a little rough, very eventful (thanks to the been-to-rehab-3-times chick who ordered a drink anyway...) and fun. It was nice to have some QT with him outside of our normal routine.

Being here with Granny and Pop is great. I haven't seen Gran since October (way too long!) so it was a nice little reunion last night. Plus she had made her famous fried chicken, mashed potatoes, dumplings and peas...Needless to say, we were NOT hungry after we finished!

We are about to head to the pool for a little bit (SPF 50 and I'm covered!) but I wanted to update everyone on the upcoming events since I talked to the surgeon yesterday and today.

Memorial Sloan Kettering determined my left armpit, right neck to be positive for Melanoma. They found my left neck, right armpit to be negative.

On Monday, March 14th, I will have 3 appointments in New York. I will meet the head and neck surgeon, I will go through my pre-surgery testing, and I will have an MRI to determine what's going on in my liver (surgeon believes it is nothing to worry about!)

Then on March 24th I will have surgery.

I admitted to Mr. Spots I am starting to get nervous about the surgery.....

Anyway--enough 'C' word talk! I'm going to enjoy my vacation!

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John and Susan said...

Hey Chelsea, Glad to hear that you are spending some time with your Grandparents they are wonderful people and are extremly lucky to have a wonderful Granddaughter like you. Enjoy your visit and say "hello' to them for me. Hope to see you real soon! Love ya Susan xoxoxoxo