Sunday, March 6, 2011

Every Swollen Lymph Node...

Causes me a nervous breakdown!

Really...I should not as freak out as much as I do. Let's face it, lymph nodes fight infections. It does not necessarily mean there is more cancer. However, for this girl, it means it is a slight possibility.

Do you blame me for freaking out?

I will stop being dramatic and explain.

Yesterday Mom and I noticed that my left neck incision was a little puffy, mainly on the two ends of the scar. This is pretty normal. It will probably not be "flat" for a year, if ever. However, today there are little bumps (the size of a baby pea) in the middle of the scar.

I am probably just healing.

Or maybe my body is fighting a bit of some sort of infection.

It is kind of hard to see
but it's not as "pretty"
as it was earlier in the week.

And--as Mom keeps reminding me--that lymph basin was negative for melanoma. That has to be a plus!

Still...I worry.

Instead of ruining my day over it, I will pay attention to it over the next week, and discuss it with the doctors when they call.

Unless you want to freak out over every odd mole, every swollen lymph node, etc, wear your freaking sunscreen. Go to the dermatologist. Stop putting it off.

All of you who have gone to the dermatologist after finding out about me---I LOVE HEARING ABOUT IT! It makes me happy! Why? Because "skin cancer" is not "just" the removal of a mole. It is that and so very much more.

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Brittany said...

My first dermatologist apt is tommorow!!! I'm ready to get checked out and I have you to thank for the motivation! Hope your feeling better.