Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who Gets Sick While On Vaca?

This girl!

I had the great pleasure of catching a stomach bug during my last full day in sunny Florida. Luckily I am starting to feel better this afternoon...I am still super weak, but at least I am no longer praying over the porcelain god.

Last night we joined Granny and Pop on a dinner cruise around West Palm Beach. Talk about gorgeous was a nice night. Mr. Spots and I snuck away after dinner and stood on the back of the 'boat' for some QT...quite romantic.

Tomorrow Mr. Spots and I are heading to Savannah. I am really excited to return there, it is such a pretty city!

Tonight we are off to meet my Great Great Uncle for dinner. He is 94 years old! Tonight will be the first time I meet him and his bride.

Let's hope I don't spread the stomach bug elsewhere!

As I end this post I am requesting you say a few prayers for people we care seems like entirely too many people are receiving bad news lately. I have been reminded a lot this week that cancer is such a nasty, unpredictable disease. It breaks my heart.


mylittlemini said...

Chelsea, those of us out here will handle the prayers, and you can just enjoy Mr. Spots and your dear family! Blessings, Rev. Nancy

Chelsea said...

Please mention my friend "Erin with melanoma" in your prayers, Rev. Nancy. Thank you so much for your continuous prayers and support.