Friday, February 18, 2011

I Stand With Planned Parenthood.

There are certain things that make me sick to my stomach...
hearing that the government wants to
take funding away from a group
that provides help to SO many people?
That makes me nauseous.

I am hoping that you go to the link that will be listed at the end of this post, read the letter, and sign it. Educate yourself on the services provided, talk to other people who have received help from them, do whatever you need to do, but please consider signing this. 

And despite the reputation I keep hearing---Planned Parenthood is not there to just provide abortions.

Educate yourself.

As my friend Kasey said, "This is serious. Not only is this a knock on women's health, but its also a knock on the young adult cancer community.Young adults with cancer are the only group who's death rates have not gotten better...and it's because we don't have screening. Please help stop this!"

Stand with Planned Parenthood!

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