Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moving Day!

Exciting news to share today...
It's moving day!
When I originally moved to Roanoke, Mr. Spots and I agreed it would be smart not to directly move in together. Considering we had only been in a long distance relationship, seen each other every so often, and definitely never on a "bad" day, it did not seem wise to jump into living together.

Having said that, I can count on two hands how many times I have actually slept at the apartment I pay for each month. 

So, today we are moving most of my things into his apartment. Since I do not know what will happen when I get to New York on the 25th, and my lease is up at my apartment April 1st, I wanted to go ahead and have all of this taken care of prior to leaving. It did not seem fair to leave it for my sister and Mr. Spots to handle on their own. (Although...I guess Mr. Spots is still handling it on his own since my ability to lift is about .......well......none.)

Despite the reviews of the medicine I am taking, I actually slept last night. I woke up around 6AM because my rash was bothering me, applied some cream to my arms, and crawled back in bed. I'm relieved the medicine did not keep me awake. I do that enough on my own!

Alright, off I go to start organizing things. It's time it looks like a girl lives here! ;-)

Go do something fun this weekend...and be sure to tell me about it!


pop said...

Hi Brown Eyes: How about a date for dinner when you and I get home? We haven't seen each other since Granny and I came to Fla.I am sending this to see if I have sense enough to post a comment. This is the third time and you know what they say about the third time being a charm. If it don't post I'll go back gto texting. lol. Take it easy on Mr. S.

Love you


Chelsea said...

Yay! It worked!!!! :) 3rd time was a charm!

A dinner date with my pop sounds perfect.

Mr. Spots is worn out. I think it will be an early night for us.

Love you, can't wait to see you!