Thursday, June 2, 2011

Woe is Me?

I guess people really enjoy finding out about a break-up! Goodness, I had the most blog hits ever yesterday. Maybe it was just a coincidence... maybe! ;-)


The last few days were pretty tough for me, I will admit it, but I woke up this morning feeling like my old confident self. I have been beaten down by far worse than a heartbreak (hello, melanoma!) to let it ruin me. Quite frankly, I am tired of hearing that I have a "woe is me" attitude. I know I can complain a lot, but I am also trying like hell to stay positive about the uproar that my life has become. One thing I will not put up with is someone constantly trying to ruin the good things I sill have going for me. Anyway---we all deserve someone to be nice to us. I think it is time I move on to that.
Yesterday I got hit with some pretty intense side effects. For the last few days I had not been feeling so good. I felt run down, feverish, icky.  I have battled with "tummy issues" since the infusion which I did not expect since they told me it would be a while before I experienced (if any) side effects. However, yesterday there was little point in eating. I won't go into the disgusting details--obviously you don't need to hear that--but I have been put on a bland diet. No caffeine (heartbreak!) no spices, etc. Oddly enough, I feel so much better today! I feel rested. My stomach feels SO much better. Although yesterday was unpleasant, it was not that bad. It could have totalllllly been worse.
One week from today I will have the needle biopsy in New York. They will jam the scary needle into the left side of my neck to get a definite answer about the "concerning area." I seriously would rather have 10 surgeries where I am asleep than one while I am awake. I think I will just keep my eyes closed the entire time. Maybe I should bring the iPod to zone out. I will need some way of keeping myself from freaking the you-know-what out.
The following morning, June 10th, I go for infusion number 2! I will first meet with The Wizard, chit chat with him for a while, have 16 (!!!) tubes of blood taken from my poor hand, and then head over to the "Chemo Suite." This time I will know to bring snacks with me so that I do not feel so weak after they do my labs. Learned my lesson the hard way!
I am really hoping my tummy issues stay away. We are having a cook out with Dad's side of the family on Saturday. How can I go if I can't eat the seafood?! ;-)
Happy Thursday!

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Kate said...

Hi Chelsea,
Just wondering how you are doing melanoma wise....I lost track - have you already had the needle biopsy? My cousin is going through that right now for lymphoma -- ouch! :(