Monday, June 13, 2011


I was sitting on the computer, chit chatting with friends, when my phone rings this morning. I notice it is my oncologist, The Wizard, calling from New York. My first thought was, "Oh no. He does not work on Monday. He is calling me on his day off...Not a good sign." I answered in a super cheery voice. (I guess I thought if I was cheerful, he would have no choice but to tell me good news.)

"Hey Chelsea. Have a second to chat?"

He sounded happy...good sign....

"Yes, I have time!"

"Your biopy was normal!"


"Yes. Everything was normal. You went through all of that for nothing!"

Oh, thank God! Sure, the biopsy was quite uncomfortable and the anxiety from the biopsy was even worse, but I would do it over in a heartbeat to gain a peace of mind. If you have been reading my blog, you know I tend to expect the worst & hope for the best. Maybe that is because I was expecting a normal pathology report in the beginning and was slammed with horrible news for a while? Either way, it is how I deal with things.

I will have my next treatment on July 1st & will have my next set of scans in August. For now, I just continue to pray that my body will heal, the swelling will go down, and the pain will go away. I am so very thankful that the doctor who did the ultrasound was wrong. I appreciate her desire to be thorough but she terrified me. By her facial expressions and the way she worded things, I honestly believed she thought the suspicious area was indeed a tumor. I am extremely excited she was wrong.

Thank you all for the countless prayers, words of support, and invisible hugs. The amount of support is unbelievable. I am extremely grateful. If you ever--God forbid--find yourself in this situation, I will be your loudest cheerleader. XOXO!


oriana.verbesi said...

I am very very happy for you!!!
a big hug from Rome (Italy)

Ranisa said...

I am so super excited for you!!!

Kathy said...

So happy for you. Nothing but good news from now on!!!!!! Hugs for Strength

Jenny said...

Yay for AWESOME news! Now...take some time for you and just relax...and let your body heal!!!

Al said...

Whoo hoo! EXCELLENT news!

Kate said...

Oh, I am so very happy to hear your awesome news! How wonderful! Now a big sigh of relief and some TLC to support your healing!

Tim said...
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Tim said...

That's the best news I've heard in quite a while Chelsea. I'm so happy that you've got that behind you. Everything gets just a little bit easier and life looks a whole lot better once "the call" comes in and the news is good.

As others have said, relax and get some rest while the infusion side effects work their way through your system. After a few days, it's time for some laughter and fun with family and friends. You've earned it!