Monday, June 27, 2011

The Week of Round 3

I feel like the last 2 weeks have flown by. It seems like it is too soon to be getting ready to head back to NYC for round 3 in the Ipi world. At least this trip will not involve a needle in my neck! Improvements!

I had an amusing experience on Saturday. I was having my eyebrows waxed when the lady said, "You have a few white hairs in your eyebrows. Don't worry, I will pluck them." I just laughed at the time because I did not feel like explaining that those random white hairs are actually good indicators that I am receiving the drug. I also have a few white spots on my skin! Although I want the drug, I could do without the white random hairs... ;-)

This week we are heading to NYC on Thursday. I will meet with the oncologist at 9:15, get attacked by the vampires for my 16 tubes of blood, and as long as things are OK, head to the Chemo Suite. Following the session, I am visiting a dermatologist there. It is time for my 3 month check-up. I could go back to Roanoke and see my dermatologist there, Mr. Cool Guy; however, my oncologist and I agreed it is better if all of my doctors are in one location. It makes life easier for me. I have a few suspicious areas I want to be reexamined. I would much rather be safe than sorry!

A lot of people have reached out to me this past weekend because of my latest posts about my chaotic love life. Relationships & melanoma = Disaster! It takes a special person to be able to handle the stress that comes along with our new lifestyle... I am going to continue to follow my heart. In doing that, I know I will be doing what is best for myself. (Thank you all for sharing your stories. Especially the happy stories about eventually finding your special person & building a family with them! I am grateful for each and every email I receive.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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Kate said...

Hi Chelsea,
How cool that you can confirm you are receiving the drug by your white eyebrow hairs!! I have to tell you that I am visiting family and friends at the New Jersey shore this week....and with your story in mind, I have become the sunscreen sargeant around here. I slather my little ones up like crazy and encourage my husband to reapply and use enough sunscreen. I think of you often when I see family and friends very casually apply a tiny bit of sunscreen to their faces and ignore the rest of their bodies. How maddening! Hello, people, melanoma awareness! Thank you for informing and inspiring me. Good luck as you head back to NY and head into Round 3. I'll be thinking of you and thinking good thoughts for you!