Monday, August 13, 2012

10 Days of Rest

Apparently my local oncologist thinks it is possible for me to let my body rest for 10 days. While I will obey and not (attempt to) go for a run, I can't stay away from my weekly yoga session. I mean, it's already paid for...So, we are compromising. I'm taking today off from work.

So, what happened at the appointment?

Well, after becoming a little turned around, I finally checked in for my appointment, grabbed a seat, and started reading the book I'm currently obsessed with "Signs of Life." I guess I was pretty into it because I jumped when a man, standing directly in front of me, said, "Hi!!" I looked up, shocked to see it was my oncologist, Dr. Bad Mustache. First of all, doctors look so different when they aren't in their white coats! Secondly, his mustache isn't really that scary anymore so I should probably come up with another name for him. Anyway, he says, "I saw you sitting over here so I wanted to come say hello. I'll see you in a few minutes."

How Nice. A lot of doctors would have walked on by and not have spoken to their patients outside of the exam room. (Or maybe that's just my experience?) Plus, it's not like I see him very often, only when there's an issue that needs to be addressed in the time between my visits to NYC, so I'm shocked he could recognize me. How nice. (He won back all of the points he lost at my very 1st appointment with him in January 2011.)

Back to the exam. He agrees with the doctor I saw on Friday. I have an infection in my ear. In regards to the neck/throat pain, well, that's complicated. The pain could be associated to the infection in my ear. Since I have NO lymph nodes in that area, there is blockage that prevents the lymphatic system from working correctly. Basically since my neck is 50 shades (HA!) of messed-up, I am going to feel more pain from a sore throat, ear infection, etc, than other people without damage. "Damage disturbs the flow." 

He also said that Yervoy tends to cause inflammation and this could be a side effect from the latest treatment.

He reassured me that everything feels symmetrical which is always pleasant to hear. For some reason, MSK did not send my latest CT scan results to him so he's going to get those, double check the results, and let me know if he thinks we need to do something else. He did say that if--after these 10 days of rest--the area is still painful, we will begin discussing the need for a PET scan.

Now, I must follow doctor's orders, take my medicine, grab the heating pad, and take a long nap.

(Oh, and I must not feel guilty for not going to the gym for 10 days. After all, I'm only following orders.)

Sweet dreams! ;-)

One other thing.

I owe you all a big thank you for your continued support, for your desire to keep up with me and all things melanoma, and for your loyal reading. Thank you.

I never expected for this little online diary to have such faithful readers. Thank YOU.


Melissa S. said...

You're on Yervoy? My father did all 4 rounds with minimal side effects. He had developed colitis, lots of headaches, and extreme fatigue. I hope you don't have any problems with it! Stay strong-the awareness you are raising gives me hope and with advocacy for melanoma, maybe we can someday get closer to banning tanning beds to everybody, not just teens or minors. I hope you are well!
Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Rest as much as you can after all you always do as your told. Ask your mom. ha.ha. Hope you feel better soon, stay strong. Tina's dad and
I are going to be in her home town parade with our golf cart promoting Melanoma Awareness. Passing out ABC of Melanoma book markers. Paleskinisin mom Rose