Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Kind of Heroes

 I'm feeling emotional this week. Happy, grateful, blessed, and...well, happy. While I am in love with those feelings, it tends to make me a bit sappy. Please deal with it. ;-) I need to share something with you.
I have not been shy about the amazing friends I have made during my journey with melanoma. When I say that I would not be in this happy place today had I not met these wonderful people online, it's true. Ask Mr. Spots. I was an emotional basket case filled with unspoken fears before I met these people. (Seriously, I was probably super annoying. Oops.) I already have such an incredible "real life" support team; however, I need to surround myself with people who know what I am going through. 

(Thank you, Internet inventors, for allowing me the ability to meet friends all over the world! Yay, internet!)

I recently had an article due for Everyday Health. The topic was "Cancer Stories." It took me less than 5 minutes to decide that I needed to write about the people who make this cancer a lot less scary: I needed to write about my friends.
My friends are heroes because despite having their own battles to fight, they take the time to cheer the rest of us on. They don't shy away from melanoma talk even though they are doing well. They comfort, they offer advice, and they encourage us to keep living our lives. They make life a little bit easier for the rest of us.
Although this article is really for all of my melanoma buddies--especially those of you who are actively using your voice to spread awareness--it is especially dedicated to a few friends. This article is dedicated to the faithful reverend who comforts me with her prayers and strong advice, to the beautiful mother who is constantly cheering the rest of us on, to the sweet grandfather who also has his own Chelsea in his life, and to the  retired lawyer who is actually pretty darn hilarious (and secretly sweet!).

Thank you for your friendship.

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