Friday, August 3, 2012

In Headlines Yesterday...

I know, I know. You all thought I was going to discuss  the Olympics or the Chick-Fila drama, right?

Silly, friends! There is more important news to share! (For the record, GO USA!)

Tan Mom has stopped tanning as much.

May 2012

Apparently inTouch magazine dared Tan Mom to stay away from tanning for an entire month and she actually agreed to participate! See how much better she looks!

While a lot of us would argue that this all seems like a big publicity act, I think I speak for all melanoma warriors when I say that I am thankful for Mrs.  Patricia Krentcil. Her atrocious tan brought skin cancer back into the headlines in a huge way! (I mean, would I have ended up on Headline News and Dr. Drew otherwise? Uh, no!)

I sincerely hope--for Patricia's sake--that she sticks with the more natural look.

(It's a lot less scary looking, yes?)


Not So Newlyweds said...

Wow! I can't believe that is the same person. She looks so clean! haha :) Even though she was in the public eye, I agree that it drew attention to melanoma awareness.

Kisma said...

She is a very pretty woman- good for her!