Friday, August 31, 2012

Those 4 Words I Was Waiting To Hear

It has been an awesome week. Long, but awesome. 
Now we are beginning a 
3 day staycation weekend? Ah, perfection.

In honor of the long weekend, I am linking up with 
for High Five For Friday!

Let's recap on the awesomeness of this past week, shall we?
After all, it's not every week you are asked
4 words you've been waiting to hear.

1) I got to spend a super fun day at The Greensboro Children's Museum
with Mr. Spots, his kiddo, his sister, husband, and the twins!
While they played,
so did I...

 2) I received the Save the Date
for The Skin Cancer Foundation Gala!
(No pictures, sorry!) 

3) I booked an interview with a local news channel
to share details on how I have used this blog
to promote skin cancer awareness.

4) I actually slept through the night.
*OK, I got up to pee once. 
(Just once is unusual. Smallest bladder ever!)

5) I have important news to share...
and I can't focus on anything 
until I tell you........

 I heard that 4 word question that
I had been hoping and wishing to hear:
"When can you start?"


Starting September 24, 2012
I will be a full-time employee for
the local
Veterans Administration Medical Center.

 I have wanted to work for them since I graduated from college,
and I finally, finally, finally
got a job there.

While I love the company I work for,
and all of our prosthetic patients,
I really feel like I can make a difference 
at the veterans hospital.

...even if all I do is help them smile.
I want to give back to those
who give so much for us.

Go enjoy your weekend!

I am celebrating by going to bed early tonight.
I'm beat!

Have a wonderful and safe labor day weekend.
Don't forget the sunscreen!



Erin May said...

yay - so happy for you lady!

Kent said...

You have already made a difference in so many people's lives! You will offer much more than your smile, but that is very important part you! The VA is lucky to have you!

Kent said...

You've made a difference in so many people's lives! Your smile is a special part of who you are but you will provide so much more! They are lucky to have you!

Susi aka Sinead said...

That sounds like such a wonderful job!!! So glad you got it! I just found your blog from a link on someone else's blog.

Kisma said...

I am playing catch up with all my blogs. Congrats on the new job! Makes a huge difference when we can find a passion and put it into a career that drives us further.

Chelsea said...

thanks for all of the support. it means the world to me! love to each and every one of you. :-) have a great week!