Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Conversation with Momma

 My Mom's reaction to my previous post:

Mom: "Wow. What caused that blog post? BTW...You aren't a circus freak. You are my little pet monkey. :D."

Me: Explain my rant. "Is it too rude?"

Mom: "Rude? No. Very raw I'd say. You are entitled. It may put some people off but...oh well."

And then she made a good point...

"This will all level itself out shortly. You will soon learn who your true friends are. BUT....having said that, the outpouring of support has been amazing. You need to draw strength from that. You are loved. And the majority of that support is sincere."

I believe Momma's always know exactly what to say, at exactly the right time.



Kira.House said...

I love this and previous post. I would feel the same way. You will know who your true friends are and your definately not a circus freak and quite honestly, I dont think anyone would ever say that and those who do, are not exactly all human with a tarnished heart. I also tell my closest friends I Love them too becuase like you said, you never know.
You're in my thoughts and prayers, and keep writing girl! This can/is very theraputic. Love ya girl!

Chelsea said...

Thank you, Kira! It has been very good for me...I get to say whatever I want, whenever I feel like it.

I did not mean that someone would actually call me a circus freak. It sounds silly, but it is annoying when I get 20 facebook friend requests per day from people I do not even know...all to spy on me. A little too obvious, folks. ;-)

OK--rant over--again. Thank you for your thoughts & prayers. I think of you and your little girl often...I'm sure it can't be easy with the Hubby away. Love ya!!