Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Dr. Bad Mustache Almost Got Smooched!

I can't say a word while we sit in the waiting room.

How am I going to handle the news that there is cancer in an organ?

Will it be my kidneys? My ovaries? Will chemo prevent me from having babies? Will I survive?
More importantly (at that moment) how in the hell am I going to handle the reaction of my parents?

God had a different plan for me today.

In walks Dr. Bad Mustache... I am pretty sure I'm holding my breath. I wonder how long it will take him to tell me the news...

"Your PET was clear."


I have never felt the sense of relief that I experienced today. Don't get me wrong, I have put myself, or been put in, some pretty shady situations before...But I have never, ever feared for my life. I have always been lucky enough to know that no matter what I did in life I would have the support of my family. This time, no matter how much they wanted to, they could not fix it all. And for my family...I know that was frustrating. 

So, what does a clear PET CT mean?

To our knowledge right now, the cancer has not spread past the lymph nodes. I still need treatment because we need to do everything in our power to not ALLOW the cancer to spread, and to keep away future melanoma.

Dr. Bad Mustache told me he thinks I am an "odd case" because the initial melanoma was only 1.15 mm. Had it been .75 mm, the dermatologist would have done NOTHING about it except wait and see what happened in the future. Because it was a tiny bit bigger, they did the additional (painful) surgery. Dr. Bad Mustache said he was actually surprised to see the cancer in lymph nodes...especially lymph nodes in different locations. This is a concern for him. This is why it is especially important I do every thing in my power to keep ahead of the cancer. 

I have an appointment with Memorial Sloan-Kettering on February 25th. I have heard nothing but fabulous things about the facility and the doctor I am seeing.

It is not that I do not like Dr. Bad Mustache, he won major points today (hence me wanting to give him a big fat kiss!!!) but I am not a fan of the treatment he suggests. He says at this time Interferon is my option. Here's the thing about Interferon I do not like...It is an IV every week day for 30 days, then by shot 3 times a week for 11 months. The illness that people experience does not seem to be worth the final result. Major Melanoma centers around the country are no longer using Interferon.

If the best treatment is available to me, you can bet your little heart I am going after it!

Now--- this kiss is for you. 

YOU who have stalked me on facebook.
YOU who have mentioned me in your prayers.
YOU who have been here for my family.
YOU who have taken the time to simply tell me you are thinking of me. family and friends... I would be lost without.

And, of course, Dr. Bad Mustache who gave me the news I needed after 3 of the most difficult weeks of my life.




Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Chelsea! This is great news! I know you still have a battle to fight but this is step in the right direction. I mentioned to my dad, who is a doctor, that you were going to New York and he mentioned Sloan-Kettering right a way and was very familiar with and spoke highly of it. Continued prayers and happy thoughts sent your way! :)

Anonymous said...

SUCH great news! Continued prayers will be sent your way!

Unknown said...

That is wonderful news to wake up to and read at 7am!!!!! I'm so happy for you Chelsea! I think about you everyday and only imagine how you are doing byt I know and by reading your blog, you are doing great at fighting and with so much support, cancer won't stand a chance against you. You are really incredible and inspiring by sharing this journey with everyone. love and miss youu!

Chelsea said...

Thank you all SO much. It came as a big shock because, as you know, I was expecting the worst! Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers..

As I keep telling everyone, this experience is being made easier because of you!

Kent, I am glad your dad had good things to say about Sloan Kettering. I have heard awesome stories from other patients. I have a good feeling about it!!!

earbar said...

Hi, may not remember me but I am Lindsay Twiford-Fuller's Nanny....when I came to visit you & she always put on the best plays & sang & danced until my heart was so full of joy !! I was concerned when I heard about your cancer & she has been keeping me posted...your latest news is just a God send...we are so happy for you...we have been touched by cancer too...Pop-Pop had prostate cancer & we went to Moffitt cancer center in Tampa & they were wonderful !! it has been 13 years now & he is cancer free...keep your chin up & accept all the prayers coming your way...Sloan-Kettering is also the will be in good hands...God bless you & we will pray for you's great that you are taking your treatment into your own hands...good for you....we wish you only the best....Nanny Roberts

Chelsea said...

Mrs. Roberts,

I remember you and your husband! I always loved when you would come into allowed us to have a bigger audience for our plays! ;)

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I love hearing about other people who have beat this battle. It gives me even more hope!

I hope you are both doing well.


earbar said...

HI, Chelsea....thanks for your reply...we know you will do well in NY...we pray that God will heal you every are in His hands....please extend our thoughts & prayers to your family...I know this is scary time for them too...God bless all of you & remember to " Let go, Let God ! "

Anonymous said...

So far we're very similiar. My oncologist doesn't have any faith in iv interferon so instead I start on injections 3 mill 3 days a week, building to 5 days a week, increasing to 6 mill then 9 mill for a year.

I start next week Yikes

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