Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anger...And All things Related.

I'm feeling a tad bit angry.

Pet peeve of the day: people who do not appreciate what they have.

I look at things differently...People who I thought were irresponsible before are now considered pathetic in my mind.  You are too obsessed with your partying lifestyle to give your child a bath? Well, you are pretty much worthless in my opinion.

OK...where did this stem from? 

My Melanoma friend, Melanoma & the City, had quite the interesting experience during a visit with her doctor. The little "mad scientist" doctor informed her that people with our lovely (ha!) cancer have a 50% chance of being alive in 5 years. 

I, being the stubborn and determined person that I am, refuse to believe that.

I have met people through the online forums who have been without evidence of disease for many years. I know that there is a statistic for everything. I also know that statistics mean crap. You have to educate yourself, fight, and fight some more.

Here is why I became so angry...That "mad scientist" told my sweet friend that she will have at least a year of treatment, then she will need to wait 2 years to see if the cancer returns before she can THINK about having babies. 

I am not saying that I am prepared to have babies in 3 years.

But I AM saying that I would have liked to have had that OPTION. 

Now I can understand what couples dealing with infertility must feel like. 

Just look on facebook, how many parents do you see actively NOT taking care of their children? Oh, they may make sure they don't KILL them, but what else do they do? 

OKAY...I will admit--- I am evil. I am grumpy. And I am pissed off at life right this second.  And I kind of hate the fact that I am jealous of these people... But my gosh, if you know me, you know how much I want babies. And more than that, I want to be HEALTHY to care for my babies. 

If my biggest fault in life is getting sunburned, why in the hell do I have to deal with all of this? 

OK. Rant over.


Anne said...

I still need to respond to your email (I'll write during my kids' nap time!), but wanted to respond to your post really quickly. EVERYTHING I have read about melanoma (and with the research hours I have logged I should have another degree by now!) says that stage 3a has a 5 year survival rate in the 70's. I have heard that some doctors say that stage 3 has a 50% chance of coming back (so not saying 50% chance of survival, just it coming back), but I believe that takes in account all of stage 3. And besides, you are going to find a fantastic treatment that's going to kick melanoma's a** and you will be NED for the rest of your life! And think how much more you will appreciate your babies after what you've been through. :)

Erin May said...

And that is why she's not my doctor any more! Didn't mean to be a Debbie downer ;). Stats are just that... There are so many factors that go in to the equation! Can't really believe all we read.

John and Susan said...

Chelsea, We are all thinking of you and send our love

Anonymous said...

Stats mean absolutely nothing when you have a huge support system including GOD on your side! Keep praying, keep believing. You'll beat this.

Chelsea said...

Thanks, everyone! :) I was having a very down day Tuesday...obviously.

John and Susan, I miss you both. Visit soon?!

Anne, you are right. This will make me appreciate my babies more. Think about how exciting my baby shower will be in a few years... ;)

Erin, you weren't a debbie downer!!! you told me your story and it made an impact on me! I am overly glad she isn't your doctor now...... :-)

Kira.House said...

I must agree about some mothers not taking adequate care of their babies, this coming from a mother. My sister is kinda like that.