Friday, February 11, 2011

"I Prescribe One Glass of Red Wine A Day."

Me: "I need a glass of wine."
Nurse friend: "I prescribe one glass of red wine a day."
Me: "Well...OK."

Mr. Spots and I have had a very lazy Friday. It has been so nice, so quiet! Started my new medicine today... I am not too sure how I feel about it. It makes me feel like I have consumed one too many tequila shots...all kinds of loopy! 

And hungry!

I'm going to gain 50 pounds by the time I finish it. Speaking of food...I would love a chocolate chip cookie right about NOW. (Granny, if you read this...chocolate chip cookies...please?)

So yesterday I had a pretty down day. I was feeling sad, very anxious, jittery... Like I should be out doing something to try to stop the cancer. Since my options are limited, I decided I would go get my hair cut. What girl doesn't like to be pampered every once in a while?

There I am, relaxing, enjoying the quiet, when my hairstylist starts discussing the new gym she joined, and that the reason she joined that particular gym is because they have free tanning.


Tanning bed thoughts lead to cancer thoughts. 

Cancer thoughts lead to the end of my relaxation time.

Do you know how hard I had to keep myself from giving her the "Please don't go tanning" lecture?

Why didn't I? 

Because, for the first time since I was diagnosed, she treated me like a normal human being. She did not ask me about the incisions on the side of my neck. She didn't want to know my treatment plan. And she sure didn't ask the survival rate (my least favorite question of all time. Obviously. Try to be considerate, people.)

So, yes, I know it was selfish of me not to pump her full of reasons why she should not go tanning. But, do you approach every smoker you see and lecture them on lung cancer? Of course I hope she never has to deal with oncologists, and doctors poking at her every other day. And of course I want people to be more aware of how serious skin cancer is. However, you know how they say there is a time and a place for everything? Well, that wasn't the time nor the place for that conversation.

And to be completely honest with you...I needed a break from "Cancer." At least for 45 minutes.

Now, let me hop off here and go help Mr. Spots. We are officially moving my furniture into his apartment tomorrow first live in boyfriend...for real, for real. I want everything taken care of prior to my appointment in New York. 

Mr. Spots: "I wouldn't turn down your offer to help."

I better get a move on... :-)

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